on March 12, 2014
Created: March 12, 2014
The Complete View adds Multi-Site.
Within  Property Development, The Complete View has for several years been innovative in its desire to provide the industries Customers with a common Interactive 3D Virtual Reality model of a Development Site that can be deployed to a tablet computer for use in demonstrations, or discussions at planning stage, to a large touch screen in the Site Sales Office, to a web site, or as a downloadable App to a Customers own devices.

Now we have taken a step further with the launch of Multi-Site for the Sales Office.

Multi Site enables a Customer to decide on a house style that they like, and having identified that that may or may not be available at the site that they are presently at, displays to them other sites that uses the same or a comparable style house within a certain area.  They will be able to tell if a property is available, and they can even bring up that sites 3D Model and explore the site without leaving their current location.

This will not negate the need to go to the site and "touch" the house, but it provides valuable and time saving information to a Customer, and it retains that Customers interest in your properties whilst they are on your site, even if it does mean that they go to another site to  buy.

This mirrors the Retail Sectors latest innovations, through which they will sell and reserve items online or instore, allowing a Customer to retrieve them at a local or different store knowing that they are available.

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