on April 26, 2012
Created: April 26, 2012
Supplier Visit - U-Touch

On the 10th April we visited U-Touch, our primary hardware supplier. 

It's a bit of a trek, but having spent a couple of hours there, we were able to demonstrate that the the current version of our software works really well on the large screens that they have in their Demo Lab.

We tried it first on a 92 inch Touch Screen.  This is made up of four individual 46 inch monitors, joined together in a 2 by 2 array, functioning as a single unit.  For this test, the software remained on the All In One PC that we had brought with us.  Despite the screen being somewhat larger than the 23 inch screen that we were used to testing on, the image quality was excellent and the controls were fine, movements were commented as being particularly smooth in comparison with some other Virtual Reality Applications.

We then moved onto a 64 inch Touch Screen, this had a high powered PC attached to it with a particularly high powered graphics card in it.  As such we chose to install the software onto the U-Touch machine for this test.  Ensuring that the machine had the correct drivers and underlying software took a few minutes, but we were eventually up and running.  Again the controls were smooth, and the quality of the imagery was noticeably better as a result of the high powered PC and graphics card.

You can find pictures of both 92 and 64 inch in our gallery, and there is video of the 64 inch in action on You Tube.

A good day, thanks to U-Touch's Chris Dyer for hosting and for introducing the team to Chocolate Jammy Dodgers !!