on November 21, 2014
Created: November 21, 2014
Product Features ... Retail - Dont dismiss the 3D models

Our 3D Models were originally conceived for the purposes of supporting the marketing of Residential New Builds, however as our business has evolved, so has the prospective customers we have been talking to.  There are many advantages to using our models, but some of the key ones that we use in Residential New Builds, such as our Sun Dial, or the ability to change wall and kitchen surface coverings are not really relevant to a Shopping Centre. But with that in mind, we thought it made sense to outline our thoughts on how a single model that we create for you could be utilised.

Centre Map
In place of existing static printed maps, we would install an appropriately sized touch screen, when the Customer interacted with the screen, we could give them a helicopter/angled view of the Centre showing them where they want to go, and/or a fly through of the route they should take.
Centre Guide Aid
Around the 3D Model of the Centre we provide a range of tools from personal details such as Gender and Age Group to narrow the selections, to retail outlets, brands and products. These can all be used stand alone, or in combination allowing the selection of "shoes" to get all the shoe stores, or combining that with an Outlet, or maybe a gender or age to narrow the range of suggested stores more specifically.
Route Mapping
Having used the Centre Guide Aid, we can encourage a Customer to visit a number of stores, allowing them to identify their attendance at each with a strategically placed QR code, and then rewarding them with a discount voucher for an centre facility such as a cinema or restaurant.
Customer Services
Our touch screens can be located by Customer Service desks for use by both staff and Customers alike, but where staff can be mobile, the software can equally be deployed to Tablet Computers, ensuring that the best service can be provided to Customers at all times.
Multi Purpose Displays
  • Add the menus of any Restaurants that are present in the Centre, using both Menu Display and Route Mapping to show the Customer where the Restaurant is, and to see the food on offer.
  • Collect the mood of your centre by including "Mood" or "Exit" surveys to collect and collate satisfaction information.
  • Make available more detailed Customer Surveys, multiple pages and questions per page, with a discount voucher by way of reward
App Integration
Integrate our solution with any existing Smartphone or Tablet App that you provide, ensuring that to partake in things like offers or discount vouchers, the Customer must first have your App on their phone, thereby encouraging uptake of your standard App.
Security / Health and Safety
Your Security as well as Health and Safety teams can use the models to view and model reactions to certain events, good or bad.
Centre Management
  • When marketing the centre generally, or more specifically when discussing a retail unit with a prospective tenant, utilise the model to demonstrate the location, foot fall statistics, and the design of the unit itself to prospective tenants.
  • Layer management information and analysis, such things as foot fall, main routes, primary and secondary entry and exit locations and hover points over the model.


In summary, it is clear that it is not just about presenting a 3D Model to your Customers, as whilst this would support their visit and that is justification  in itself, there are many other uses that our software can support, and probably many others that we haven't thought of yet.
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